Graceful elven warrior


Ideally his tactics focus on mobility and the ability to tie up artillery and casters, slipping past the front ranks to engage them. Good at movement skills, Perception and Stealth.

Wish list

- most important a ki focus and magic robe/armor
- magic Ki focus

  • abduction Ki focus (slide 1 w/ MBA, teleport 5 w/ enemy daily)
  • hawks talon (charge without OA and use at-will)
  • devastating (treat dmg roll of 1 or 2 as 3)
  • quick strike (when flurry, make MBA too)

- magic robe or cloth armor

  • Robe of Contingency (teleport & heal when hit)
  • Flowform cloth armor (free save, 1/encounter)
  • Bloodthread cloth armor (+2 AC, saves when bloodied)

- Melora’s Storm Blessing (shift 1 on forced move, fly as Enc)
- Raven Queen’s Shroud (damage, teleport)
- Cape of the Mountebank (teleport when hit)

- maybe magic bow, though that’s less important

Future Planning


- Ki Focus Expertise
- Imp Initiative
- Fluid Motion (1 speed)
- Imp Defenses (
1 non-AC defenses)
- Wild Elf Luck (1d4 on elven accuracy rerolls)
- Defensive Mobility (
2 AC vs opportunity attacks)
- Eager Advance (4 speed on 1st turn)
- Superior Reflexes (
2 Ref, combat advantage in first round)
- Superior Implement (for mobile ki focus)

Advancement and Retraining?

After next burst attack I take, maybe retrain Five Storms to Fallen Needle for damage


Kethalim comes from the Harken Forest where there are tribes of elves, part of the Woodsinger Clan. I’m guessing there are also ways into the feywild there. The elves of Harken Forest have been keeping an eye on many of these paths and dealing with dangerous things that come through from the feywild. Recently the number of dangerous things coming through have increased and something slipped past the elven sentries. I’m thinking probably a hag of some sort. So I’m off to try to track down this hag and kill it or drive it back to the feywild.

Short and stocky, for an elf
Tan skin, almost a wood tone
Brown hair a few inches long in wild tufts out, ears hidden by the hair
Purple tattoos on face and arms and chest, curving tribal designs
Simple leather clothes


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