Letter to Evireth after doppleganger

To Evireth, Captain of the Guardians of Harken Forest,

Melora’s has favored my hunt. The doppleganger has fallen to my bow and the blades of my allies. For now, the trail beyond her has grown cold. She has passed from this world without yielding further information as to her plans. My allies skilled in the arcane arts have learned all they can from the Scales she used. We do know she served under or alongside a tiefling who escaped the battle.

It pains me to hear of the troubles of the Forest. The town of Hamelin is also beset by disease and disruption. Perhaps these plagues are related. The doppleganger was involved with Zuggtmoy, who is related to disease, as I recall. It may prove useful if you could communicate to me the nature of the kobold plague.

At present my allies and I find ourselves without a clear trail forward – many paths are open to us. I know some will advocate a journey to Vor Rukoth to oppose slavers there. Others may wish to remain in Hamelin to stabilize the situation. I will advocate for a journey to Harken Forest to aid the Guardians or, failing that, to seek the cause of the disease here.

If you could provide a falcon to speed communication it maybe profit us both should our problems be related.

May Melora guide your hunt,

Kethalim, Guardian of Harken Forest

Letter to Evireth after doppleganger

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