Annnoyingly joyful, slightly mischevious halfing rogue. BFF to Royce Taylor.


Kytophia (Kie-toff-ee-uh) is the only daughter of a wealthy merchant in the great city of Sarthel. Her father, Dorian Silverhand, was a well known and respected trader of silver and gems. The Silverhands were partially responsible for the fame Sarthel had garnered, eventually earning its title as “The Silver City”. Although the trade and sale of gems and silver was a well established business by the time he took over for the family, there were still many dangerous deals that often involved treachery for Dorian and his family. The Silverhand’s home was well guarded, but it did not protect them from tragedy. Just weeks after Kytophia’s birth, her mother and elder brother were kidnapped. In the silver business, kidnapping was a frequent, albeit disrespected, business strategy to force a better deal, or a shaky alliance. Unfortunately, the kidnappers seemed to be new to the game, and did not understand the unwritten rules of the merchant nobility. Instead, when their first business proposal was dismissed, they dumped the limp corpses of Dorian’s wife and son at his door, never to be heard from again.

As a result of this tragedy, Kytophia was well guarded as a young girl. She was garbed only in the finest silks and taught only by the most trusted and intelligent tutors. At night, she would steal to her father’s library and read only of tales of adventure, beyond the walls of her manse, that even in its great size, seemed smaller by the day. As she grew, her developing beauty became evident and she drew many suitors to her father’s door, proposing alliances that would profit the family both politically and financially, of course. By the age of ten, Kytophia knew that she was destined for a more exciting, adventurous life. She began to disguise herself as a kitchen girl and sneak out of her home, roaming the city in search of anything new and different from her lush, yet mundane home life. The first time she tried to steal, she was caught. And instead of being dragged back to her father in disgrace, a human boy named Royce, the same age as her, but more than twice her height, came to her rescue. This interaction cemented their fast and loyal friendship.

As she came to understand the culture of the lesser born peasants and the street, Kytophia dropped her high born and overly feminine name to the more acceptable and ambiguous Toph. Every night, Toph would venture into the city and practice her new skills of thieving and trickery. She may have had a few alliances, by Royce was her only friend. If you asked him, he would probably say that life was hard and he worked for honor and justice. But for her, their escapades were pure fun and adrenaline spiked adventure! She managed to avoid her father, as he had been distant all her life until she turned nineteen. One day, the overworked yet ever stately Dorian interrupted his daughter’s lessons with a grave face. He told her that he had made a match for her, to the spoiled son of another wealthy family across the sea. Inside, she was seething with rage and disappointment. Her father knew nothing of her personality, drive, or passions. Instead of erupting with anger, she used her skills of deceit to calmly agree to the match. That very night, she stole out of the manse to meet Royce and told him of her father’s plan only to be met with even more harrowing news. Royce planned to leave, in search of honor, never to return to the Silver City. Toph refused to let him go without her and it was the perfect opportunity to leave her confining life behind, forever. That very night the two friends set off, one in search of honor, the other just along for the ride.


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