Six Stalwart Heroes

Following the Tiefling

After some brief discussion and a rest to catch our breath, the party decides to see if we can follow the tiefling who accompanied the doppelganger at the start of the last combat. Through sharp eyes, wood craft, and interpretation of the map found on the cultists, we end up at an old temple – abandoned and fallen into decay. Whatever god or goddess this temple was dedicated to has long been forgotten.

Two guards stand outside the temple entrance. Toph and Kethalim silently circle the building, looking for other guards or entrances, but find neither. Reaching the end of their circuit, Kethalim hoots as a signal to the others. The guards start looking around, but Hamon quickly puts them into a magical sleep, and they are killed in their sleep.

Moving into the temple, we pass through a garden and hear the sounds of a sermon. Kicking in the door, we face a large pillared two story chamber. Decaying pews stand at one end, with a statue in the center. A fight begins with the cultists, an animated statue, and a wizard. But we eventually dispatch them, despite the pillars helping them by teleporting those nearby.

Toph loots the bodies. Adai finds an amulet of protection in a scum covered pool on the upper floor. Kethalim finds a ki focus behind a loose brick on the altar. Carleces feels a holy emanation from a door on the second floor. It was a sanctified area, which Carleces cleans up with Hamon. A wave of energy passes over the party, restoring some vigor (a daily power or 2 healing surges).

Checking the other upper floor door, we find a wizard’s lab and library. A chained hippogriff stands in the corner, while a human mutters to himself about boggles. Hearing us enter, he says, “Oh, my supplies have arrived! Wait, your not…” Fight breaks out!



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