Six Stalwart Heroes

Exploring the Temple

The fight with the alchemist goes well. The boggles are quickly dispatched and the alchemist is menaced by Hamon’s flaming sphere. As he flees past Kethalim, he’s slammed into a bookcase. The flaming sphere follows and that Royce topples the bookcase onto him. The alchemist is trapped with a pile of books that are starting to burn.

Hamon puts out the fire, and Carleces and Royce remove and restrain the alchemist. Toph pokes around for loot. Kethalim and Adai calm the hippogriff. It shows signs of experimentation but nothing major, some wounds on its wings and legs. Hamon gives it a potion of healing and Carleces lays on hands. Hamon breaks a large window with thunderwave and the hippogriff is set free to fly away, though not before Carleces puts a holy symbol around its neck.

Looking through the alchemists book we see many formulas and writing. In the margin of the current page, in red ink, is “arablast, at the lions head, beware of mirrors”. Some areas of the book are smudged – from erasures – but the missing text is lost to us.

Downstairs, we follow a passage to the side and find after passing alongside a garden, a door flanked by lion’s heads. We leave it for now and explore the rest of the floor.

We get in a big fight in a library with a cultist calling himself Brother Staltin, two shadowy figures, a number of lesser cultists, and a tiefling. Adai claims the tiefling as his own kill and the party defers to him. Next door to the library we find a room full of diseased people – humans, elves, halflings. Carleces talkes of incinerating them and Royce is OK with it, but Adai and Kethalim object strongly.

In looking at the book that Brother Staltin was reading, Adai finds descriptions of disease and demonology (as I recall?). He can cobble together a makeshift cure with the lab upstairs. But a long term cure to the plague would require exotic ingredients – a godly blessing, a griffin’s talon, a roc’s feather, other items.

At Adai’s request, Carleces gives a speech (backed by Royce) to calm the people. Kethalim, wary, watches from behind. Meanwhile Hamon and Adai mix up a temporary cure and the party as a whole administers it to the sick. We ask them to wait while we explore the temple. We find a small rectory, and in searching the library (of evil religious books) we find a statue of Corellon, some gold, and a few potions of healing.

Interrogating the alchemist reveals that he didn’t know about the plague; he was just following recipes. He knows that rocs roost to the north, but doesn’t know the difference between a griffin and a hippogriff. He was hired by Malbrae, who the doppelganger had mentioned – Malbrae is a gentleman tiefling from Fallcrest.

We take a rest with watches – one at the lion doors (the only unexplored area), the other by the sleeping room. During the first shift Carleces hears chanting from the lions head door. As Adai and Kethalim come on for second shift, we listen and discuss – they’re summoning a scion of Zuggtmoy. That sounds bad, so we head in despite Carleces wanting to wait to smite the scion after it’s summoned.

Saying the magic word , Arablast, a force wall disappears and the doors open. Inside is cold chilled room, on a side wall a central tapestry is flanked by mirrors. There’s spirit energy here – souls that have not moved on. A quick feel of the arcane energies reveals the mirrors are of the Abyss – looking in will drive you mad, breaking them will release great energies.

A plan is made to cover them with tapestries. Adai and Carleces are chosen as the strongest wills. The first goes OK, but on the second Carleces hears whispers and looks at the mirror. A voice says, “Yuu should not have come” and spirits emerge from the unveiled mirror. We fight the two ghosts, along with a zombie and a wight who come down stairs to join in. Hamon uses a thunderwave to shove Adai and a frozen Carleces into position to cover the mirror at the start.

After the fight we check out – behind the central tapestry are stairs down – cold air and chanting come up the shaft. Upstairs is a burial chamber where we find acrobat boots, a dagger infused with elemental chaos (thundering), and {and item for Hamon}.



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