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The region in which the the area is going to be taking place further south along the King’s Road in a small village called Halrest. Trade along the King’s Road has diminished since the fall of the Nerathi human empire 400 centuries ago. Following the King’s Road to the northwest leads into Harkenwold and the Nentir Vale proper. Further south is the silver city of Sarthel which remains prosperous to this day, but had heard to have been dangerous due to recent cult activity that has arose over the last several years. To the east is the old ruins of a fortress in the Nerath days, Vor Rukoth, the old capital of Bael Turath, the Tiefling Empire, set in the mountains and there are several outposts scattered along the mountain range of the Dawnforge Mountains that are in disrepair. Between the road from Sarthel and Fallcrest in the Nentir Vale are several minor settlements and the crossroads between Sarthel and Vor Rukoth lies the town of Hamelin, which is probably the most populous in the region after Sarthel. To the west lies the Barony of Therund on the other side of the Harken Forest. To the East and south east of Sarthel are the coastline.

Recently trade has almost come to a stand-still along the King’s Road due to increase of raids from all manner of creatures (some human bandits, but goblins, orcs, trolls, and kobolds also in the mix). No one is sure of the reason for the recent increase in raids. Caravans have become more compact if they wish to trade with the Vale and the surrounding lands at all, but at time, guards are in high demand but short supply.

This is a location to gather a variety of materials related to an original campaign run with the 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons rules.

We have six players, plus the GM, thus the name I’ve given the campaign. That name may change based on player input, or the GM overruling it in case he has an actual name in mind.

Between the six players we have a variety of experience levels, from those with several sessions of 4th edition under their belts, to those who have played a lot of 3rd edition but little 4th, and even a player completely new to tabletop RPGs.

So far we’re just getting started exploring around the Nentir Vale to find trouble and crush it, and perhaps take its stuff.

Six Stalwart Heroes

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